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"This mural is not for the bankers. It’s for the PEOPLE."

El Tecolote 4, no. 6

Rupert Garcia covers mural by Chuy Campusano

"This mural is not for the bankers. It’s for the PEOPLE."

Rupert Garcia, “This mural is not for the bankers. It’s for the PEOPLE.” El Tecolote 4, no. 6 (June 10, 1974)

Coverage of the completion of the Homage to Siqueiros mural created inside the Bank of America by Chuy Campusano, Michael Ríos, and Luis Cortazar. lso see Roberto Vargas’s poem, “La BoA,” which he wrote to accompany the opening. El Tecolote accompanied the article with excerpts from “Las Tres Muralistas” pamphlet that the artists shared at the opening reception. Proyecto Mission Murals has digitized the entire pamphlet here.

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June 10, 1974
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