Projects + Perspectives

These are the people and stories that make up SFMOMA. We love what we do and we want to share it with you.

Notes on Border Crossing

As issues surrounding immigration and displacement become increasingly urgent in America and around the world, artists continue to grapple with complex notions of home, borders and belonging. Explore some of their thoughts, projects and responses below.

Finding the Fifth Season: A User’s Guide to Magritte

Highlighting Magritte’s ability to question what we see and what we know, these stories reveal the artist’s acute awareness of the paradoxes at work within reality and the role of mystery in art and life.

Raw Material: Summer Mixtape

What makes the perfect mixtape? This summer Raw Material is mixing it up and sharing our very own podcast mixtape! It’s a collection of episodes all by different podcasters who offer fresh perspectives on a common theme: hidden histories of women artists.