What's in This Catalogue?

The Rauschenberg Research Project catalogs more than eighty-five artworks by Robert Rauschenberg from SFMOMA's permanent collection. The featured works are indexed on the Rauschenberg Research Project home page, which acts as an orientation point for the materials assembled in this publication. Artwork titles and dates reflect the most recent research undertaken by SFMOMA staff and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and follow the Foundation's accepted conventions as of July 2013. A full list of preferred titles is available on the More Links and Info page.

When you are navigating within the project, the "Rauschenberg Research Project Home" tab will be visible at the top of each page. Clicking on that tab will take you back to the project home page.

Rauschenberg Research Project Navigation Tabs

Every artwork included in the project is documented with an Overview page and a Research Materials page. Nineteen works have also been treated in scholarly essays commissioned for this publication, which may be found on the Essay pages. Overview, Essay, and Research Materials appear as sub-navigation along the top of each page within the Rauschenberg Research Project. As you navigate between these pages, the type of page you are reading will be underlined in orange.

Artwork page subnavigation


On each Overview page you will find a brief text, views of the work, and links to expandable sections containing ownership, exhibition, and publication histories, as well as a record of marks and inscriptions.

Ownership and Marks and Inscriptions sections

Publication histories are organized chronologically. For prints, these listings document general discussions of the related series or portfolio, rather than specific references to the SFMOMA edition. Exhibition histories are also organized chronologically, with the exception of permanent collection rotations, which are noted by year at the end of the listing rather than integrated according to their full exhibition dates, because works are occasionally moved during these presentations. Except in the case of prints, whose exhibition histories have not been documented, all exhibition and publication details have been confirmed with primary documentation.

The current exhibition and publication histories are complete as of June 1, 2014, and will be updated annually. Notes at the bottom of these histories indicate when each one was last reviewed and whether or not it has been updated since the launch of the Rauschenberg Research Project in July 2013.

There is a sidebar on each Overview page with links to related materials, such as multimedia and overview pages for other artworks presented as part of the Rauschenberg Research Project. Video interviews prepared as part of this project are always presented on pages that include the "Rauschenberg Research Project Home" tab and are accompanied by searchable transcriptions that are also available as downloadable PDFs.


As of July 1, 2014, the project includes the following essays:

Research Materials

The Research Materials pages present additional images, commentary, curatorial reference documents, and conservation notes and reports related to each work, when available. All materials in this section were prepared as part of the Rauschenberg Research Project.