Past Exhibitions

Floor 6
Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Love
Oct 14, 2023–May 28, 2024
Floor 3
Sea Change: Photographs from the Collection
Sept 02, 2023–Mar 17, 2024
Floor 7
Susan Philipsz: Songs Sung in the First Person on Themes of Longing, Sympathy and Release
Closing March 3, 2024
Two people, one sitting and one standing outdoors on the SFMOMA terrace, enjoy the sound installation by artist Susan Philipsz while looking at panoramic views of downtown San Francisco.
Floor 7
Wolfgang Tillmans: To look without fear
Nov 11, 2023–Mar 03, 2024
Floor 2
Sitting on Chrome: Mario Ayala, rafa esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales
Aug 05, 2023–Feb 19, 2024
Floor 4
New Work: Fernando Palma Rodríguez
Sept 23, 2023–Jan 28, 2024
Floor 4
Pacita Abad
Oct 21, 2023–Jan 28, 2024
Roberts Family Gallery, Floor 1  free to see
Pan American Unity: A Mural by Diego Rivera
June 28, 2021–Jan 21, 2024
Detail view of Diego Rivera's mural Pan American Unity.
Floor 2
Paul Klee and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
Apr 07, 2023–Jan 21, 2024
A detail view of a brochure artist Barbara Stauffacher Solomon created for a Paul Klee exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art.
Floor 2
Hung Liu: Witness
June 30, 2023–Dec 10, 2023
Floor 3
Kinship: Photography and Connection
May 20, 2023–Nov 26, 2023
Floor 7
Frank Bowling: The New York Years 1966–1975
May 20, 2023–Sept 10, 2023
Floor 5
Feb 18, 2023–July 30, 2023
The artwork Tarpaulin No. 1, by artist Rebecca Belmore, is a ceramic blanket on the ground shaped as though draped over an invisible human figure.
Floor 1
Janet Cardiff: The Telephone Call
Mar 25, 2023–July 23, 2023
A woman wears headphones attached to a mobile phone that she holds in front of her as she walks the SFMOMA galleries listening to the guided interactive The Telephone Call by Janet Cardiff.
Floor 4
New Work: Anna Sew Hoy
Mar 25, 2023–July 16, 2023
The artwork Hard Swamp Ecstatic Return by artist Anna Sew Hoy shows hand-built clay arches over a metal cage and denim scraps.
Koret Education Center, Floor 2free to see
Acción Latina: The ’80s Matter in the Mission
Oct 06, 2022–June 27, 2023
The mural Nuestros Muertos No Se Venden by Elizabeth Blancas.
Floor 6
Conversation Pieces
Contemporary Furniture in Dialogue
Aug 20, 2022–June 25, 2023
Installation view of the exhibition Conversation Pieces, featuring works of furniture, including various chair designs.
Floor 6, City Gallery
Scrappy Chair Challenge
June 15, 2023–June 25, 2023
Floor 3
(a)way station
Paul Kariouk and Mabel O. Wilson
July 16, 2022–June 11, 2023
A still of the video artwork ​(a)way station​ by Paul Kariouk and Mabel O. Wilson.
Floor 2
2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition
Dec 17, 2022–May 29, 2023
Two people sitting on benches inside of an SFMOMA gallery staring up at an artwork installation by artist Marcel Pardo Ariza.
Floor 7
Julian Charrière: Erratic
Aug 06, 2022–May 14, 2023
An artwork named The Blue Fossil Entropic III by artist Julian Charrière, depicts an arctic landscape capturing a person scaling a glacier at night.
Floor 4
Sadie Barnette: The New Eagle Creek Saloon
Apr 22, 2023–May 11, 2023
Sadie Barnette's, ​The New Eagle Creek Saloon​, 2019 (installation view, The Kitchen, New York, 2022).
Floor 3
Sightlines: Photographs from the Collection
Aug 06, 2022–May 07, 2023
A black and white photography by artist Chanell Stone titled In Search of a Certain Eden, from the series Natura Negra.
Floor 3
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Dec 17, 2022–Apr 02, 2023
Floor 7
Joan Brown
Nov 19, 2022–Mar 12, 2023
Floor 2
Mythic Constructions: Carlos Mérida and Paul Klee
July 2, 2022–December 2022
Floor 4
New Work: Toyin Ojih Odutola
Sept 03, 2022–Jan 22, 2023
Floor 4
Diego Rivera's America
July 16, 2022–Jan 03, 2023
Floor 5
Contemporary Optics: Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor
Mar 19, 2021–Dec 11, 2022
Floor 2
Amalia Mesa-Bains: Venus Envy, Chapter I and Madrinas y Hermanas (Godmothers and Sisters)
June 18, 2022–Nov 06, 2022
Floor 7
Speculative Portraits
Apr 09, 2022–Sept 05, 2022
Floor 7
Shifting the Silence
Apr 09, 2022–Sept 05, 2022
Floor 3
Constellations: Photographs in Dialogue
Nov 20, 2021–Aug 21, 2022
Floor 2
A Living for Us All: Artists and the WPA
Mar 26, 2022–July 24, 2022
Koret Education Center, Floor 2
Center for Asian American Media: Representing Chinatown
March 24–June 30, 2022
Floor 2
Outward Sight and Inner Vision: Paul Klee and Lee Mullican
Dec 18, 2021–June 26, 2022
Floor 3
Drawing the Line: Rael San Fratello at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Aug 21, 2021–June 05, 2022
Floor 4
New Work: Wu Tsang Presents Moved by the Motion
Oct 16, 2021–June 05, 2022
Floor 2
Art of California
Greater than the Sum
May 22, 2021–May 29, 2022
Floor 4
Nature × Humanity
Oxman Architects
Feb 19, 2022–May 15, 2022
Haas, Jr. Atrium, Floor 1
Cars from the 2022 Soapbox Derby at McLaren Park
Apr 18, 2022–May 06, 2022
Floor 4
Tauba Auerbach — S v Z
Dec 18, 2021–May 01, 2022
Floor 6
Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Architecture from Outside In
July 17, 2021–Mar 27, 2022
Floor 7
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Unstable Presence
Oct 02, 2021–Mar 06, 2022
Floor 2
One Day at a Time: Susan O’Malley and Leah Rosenberg
May 29, 2021–Mar 06, 2022
Floor 5
Joan Mitchell
Sept 04, 2021–Jan 17, 2022
Online and In-Person
Exhibition Reflections
Diana Markosian, Wu Tsang, and Joan Mitchell
October–December 2021
Floor 3
Diana Markosian: Santa Barbara
July 03, 2021–Dec 12, 2021
Floor 2
Lineage: Paul Klee and Ruth Asawa
July 10, 2021–Dec 05, 2021
Floor 4
Nam June Paik
May 08, 2021–Oct 03, 2021
CROSSROADS Film Festival Highlight
People on Sunday
September 1–30, 2021
Floor 4
New Work: Charles Gaines
Mar 06, 2021–Sept 12, 2021
Floor 3
Close to Home
Creativity in Crisis
Mar 06, 2021–Sept 05, 2021
Dances for Camera: Merce Cunningham, Nam June Paik, John Sanborn
Related exhibition: Nam June Paik
June–August 2021
Floor 3
Off the Wall
Mar 06, 2021–Aug 22, 2021
Floor 7
Future Histories: Theaster Gates and Cauleen Smith
Oct 17, 2020–July 18, 2021
Floor 5
Pop, Minimal, and Figurative Art
May 14, 2016–June 13, 2021
Installaiton view with people, Roy Lichtenstein
Floor 3
Elemental Calder
Feb 16, 2019–June 06, 2021
Floor 3, Architecture + Design Gallery
Lebbeus Woods
Einstein Tomb
Jan 18, 2020–May 09, 2021
Assembly of Images
On Histories of Race and Representation
February–April 2021
Film still depicting a discolored graphic of a man in a boxing stance wearing a shirt with a gorilla on it.
Floor 4
David Park
A Retrospective
October 4, 2020–January 18, 2021
Floor 2
David Park and His Circle
The Drawing Sessions
October 4, 2020–January 18, 2021
No Time to Rest!
November 11-December 22, 2020
Portion of an animated movie poster depicting a woman wearing a red bandana holding a red flag that reads "Every woman's success is all of our success." - Marcia Tucker
Floor 3
Thought Pieces
1970s Photographs by Lew Thomas, Donna-Lee Phillips, and Hal Fischer
Jan 04, 2020–Nov 01, 2020
Floor 3
Dawoud Bey
An American Project
Feb 15, 2020–Oct 12, 2020
Floor 2, Koret Education Center
Printed Publics
Contemporary Art and Design Publishing in the Bay Area
Dec 07, 2019–Aug 31, 2020
Floor 4
New Work: Nevin Aladağ
Dec 07, 2019–Aug 23, 2020
Floor 5
Carol Bove and John Chamberlain
July 27, 2019–July 26, 2020
Floor 1, Roberts Family Gallery
The Chronicles of San Francisco
May 23, 2019 – August 2020
black and white mural filled with some people reading and some protesting
Floor 3
Elad Lassry
Jan 04, 2020–May 10, 2020
Floor 2, California Galleries
2019 SECA Art Award
Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Sahar Khoury, Marlon Mullen
November 16, 2019 - September 2020
Floors 4 and 7
Oct 26, 2019–Feb 17, 2020
Floor 7
Richard Mosse
Oct 26, 2019–Feb 17, 2020
Floor 4
On a Clear Day
Agnes Martin and Mark Bradford
July 18, 2019–Jan 27, 2020
Floor 6
Far Out
Suits, Habs, and Labs for Outer Space
July 20, 2019–Jan 20, 2020
Floor 3
Stephen ESPO Powers
May 18, 2019–Jan 05, 2020
Floor 3
Signs and Wonders
The Photographs of John Beasley Greene
Aug 31, 2019–Jan 05, 2020
Floor 3
Hannah Collins
I Will Make Up a Song
Aug 31, 2019–Jan 05, 2020
Floor 3
April Dawn Alison
July 06, 2019–Dec 01, 2019
Floor 3
Don’t! Photography and the Art of Mistakes
July 20, 2019–Dec 01, 2019
Floor 4
New Work: Erin Shirreff
July 20, 2019–Nov 10, 2019
Floor 2
Elise S. Haas
Building a Modern Art Collection
Aug 24, 2019–Oct 27, 2019
A colorful oil painting of a portrait of a woman wearing a large hat.
Floor 2
Mythos, Psyche, Eros
Jess and California
Mar 30, 2019–Oct 14, 2019
Floor 4 Additional galleries on Floors 2 and 5
Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again
May 19, 2019–Sept 02, 2019
YBCA First Floor Galleries and  SFMOMA Floor 7 and Haas Jr. Atrium
Suzanne Lacy
We Are Here
Apr 20, 2019–Aug 04, 2019
Suzanne Lacy TK
Floor 3
transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks
Mar 30, 2019–Aug 04, 2019
A cat peering out of a hole in a ceiling
Floor 7
Pat O'Neill
Three Answers
Apr 20, 2019–Aug 04, 2019
Paul Klee and Anni Albers
Mar 23, 2019–Aug 04, 2019
Floor 5
Louise Bourgeois Spiders
Oct 07, 2017–July 14, 2019
Installation view of Louise Bourgeois Spiders
Floor 3
Johannes Brus
Oct 27, 2018–June 16, 2019
a shadow of a man and a hand
Floor 3
Louis Stettner
Traveling Light
Oct 27, 2018–June 16, 2019
black and white photograph of lake with several row boats
Floor 4
New Work: Rodney McMillian
Feb 09, 2019–June 09, 2019
Detail of a Rodney McMillian painting
Floor 6
The Sea Ranch
Architecture, Environment, and Idealism
Dec 22, 2018–June 02, 2019
a bird's eye view of sea ranch with fog
Floor 2
Wayne Thiebaud
Artist's Choice: September 29, 2018—March 17, 2019
Paintings and Drawings: September 29, 2018—April 28, 2019
01 Thiebaud AC
Floor 3
Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
Feb 23, 2019–Apr 28, 2019
SFMOMA and San Francisco Public Library branches
Public Knowledge
Take Part
Jan 25, 2019–Apr 28, 2019
Floor 4
Vija Celmins
To Fix the Image in Memory
Dec 15, 2018–Mar 31, 2019
Vija Celmins, Ocean (Untitled), 1977
Floor 2
Paul Klee and the Prinzhorn Collection
Sept 15, 2018–Mar 17, 2019
	 Max Ernst, La famille nombreuse (The Numerous Family), 1927
Floor 7
Art and China after 1989
Theater of the World
Nov 10, 2018–Feb 24, 2019
a man dancing in the aisle of a store
Floor 3
Nov 17, 2018–Feb 18, 2019
Brassai 05
Floor 3
Takenobu Igarashi
Dec 01, 2018–Feb 10, 2019
Takenobu Igarashi December Calendar
Floor 3
Alexander Calder
Scaling Up
Oct 21, 2017–Jan 13, 2019
Gallery install of three Alexander CAlder maquettes
Richard Artschwager
Dec 14, 2017–Jan 13, 2019
Triptych composed of three panels of formica on wood
Floor 4
New Work: Etel Adnan
Sept 01, 2018–Jan 06, 2019
EA Exposion Florale with white border
Floor 3
Mexico 68
Design and Dissent
Sept 08, 2018–Nov 25, 2018
zoomed in image of red and blue striped balloon
Floor 6
Donald Judd
Specific Furniture
July 14, 2018–Nov 04, 2018
black and white photograph of man standing in room next to chairs - HIGH RES
Floor 4
Rene Magritte
The Fifth Season
May 19, 2018–Oct 28, 2018
A man in a bowler hat standing in front of a cloudy sky with a green apple covering his face
Floor 3
Susan Meiselas
July 21, 2018–Oct 21, 2018
A man standing near the cracked window of a bus, which looks out onto a rural road where a woman in a white headscarf walks and a soldiers sits watching her
Floor 3
Selves and Others
Gifts to the Museum from Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein
Mar 24, 2018–Oct 07, 2018
An elderly seated woman smoking a cigarette on a worn out floral print couch in an unkempt patio
Floor 3
The Train
RFK's Last Journey
Mar 17, 2018–Sept 23, 2018
Three blurry figures look up toward the camer, two hold a banner that reads, "So-long Bobby"
Floor 7
Jim Campbell
Tilted Plane
Mar 03, 2018–Sept 16, 2018
A visitor stands in a darkened room with white light bulbs running the length of the
Floor 7
Sublime Seas
John Akomfrah and J.M.W. Turner
Mar 03, 2018–Sept 16, 2018
Installation view, John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea
Floor 7
Nothing Stable Under Heaven
Mar 03, 2018–Sept 16, 2018
Photography of a burning hill
Floor 2
Paul Klee, Galka Scheyer, and the Blue Four
Mar 17, 2018–Sept 09, 2018
A childlike rendering of a few simple flowers covered by a palette of blues and greens, giving the scene a nocturnal quality.
Floor 3
Stephen Frykholm
Summer Picnic Posters
June 23, 2018–Sept 03, 2018
illustration with ​red lips white teeth yellow corn all on black
Floor 4
New Work
LANZA Atelier
Mar 31, 2018–July 29, 2018
Stepped plywood table with chairs
Floor 6
Designed in California
Jan 27, 2018–May 27, 2018
An irregular grid different views of a man handling rolls of early magnetic computer storage tape
Robert Rauschenberg
Erasing the Rules
Nov 18, 2017–Mar 25, 2018
Thumbnail, Rauschenberg Hiccups
Floor 2
Between Two Worlds
Art of California
Aug 05, 2017–Mar 04, 2018
Artwork image, Elliott Hundley, Agave
Floor 4
New Work
Kerry Tribe
Oct 07, 2017–Feb 25, 2018
A row of doctors in white coats stand outside doors along a corridor
Walter De Maria
Surface Waves
May 27, 2017–Feb 04, 2018
​Walter De Maria, Large Rod Series
Walker Evans
Sept 30, 2017–Feb 04, 2018
Visitors in a navy blue gallery looking at signs, photographs and other ephemera
Floor 3, Pritzker Center for Photography
Anthony Hernandez
Sept 24, 2016–Jan 02, 2018
Artwork image, Forever #20
Floor 7 and multiple locations throughout the museum
July 15, 2017–Jan 01, 2018
White porcelain plates, seen from above, floating in turquoise pool
Nam June Paik
In Character
June 02, 2017–Jan 01, 2018
Old-fashioned General Electric television with a screen showing color video painted over with opaque neon scribbles
Floor 5
Side by Side
Dual Portraits of Artists
June 17, 2017–Dec 03, 2017
Cross section view of a man sitting at a desk in a dark room; on the other side of the wall a woman sits  upright on a chair on a porch looking out onto a garden patio; a small dog stands in front of her
Noguchi's Playscapes
July 15, 2017–Nov 26, 2017
Table top model of a brightly colored pavilion with a large sphere suspended above, set into a lawn
Floor 3
Get With the Action
Political Posters from 1960s to Now Part 1
Sept 16, 2017–Nov 26, 2017
A screenprint with bold blue letters reading "Get with the Action", and underneath "Powerful enough to make a difference"
Floor 4
Edvard Munch
Between the Clock and the Bed
June 24, 2017–Oct 09, 2017
Munch detail
Floor 2
Paul Klee and Rex Ray
May 20, 2017–Oct 09, 2017
A flat, burlap painting of a man surrounded by a geometric landscape
Alexander Calder
Motion Lab
May 14, 2016–Oct 01, 2017
Installation view, Alexander Calder: Motion Lab with living wall
Floor 4
2017 SECA Art Award
Alicia McCarthy, Lindsey White, Liam Everett, K.R.M. Mooney, Sean McFarland
July 15, 2017–Sept 17, 2017
Artwork detail, Liam Everett, Untitled (Bagnac)
British Sculptors
The Fisher Collection
May 14, 2016–Sept 10, 2017
Installation view, British Sculptors, Gormley
Floor 4
New Work
Park McArthur
Apr 01, 2017–Aug 27, 2017
A photograph of a woven mat, plywood, and cement block lined up over an expanse of sand
Floor 3
Mike Mandel
Good 70s
May 20, 2017–Aug 20, 2017
Artwork image, Mike Mandel, ​Myself: Timed Exposures​
Floor 2, Koret Education Center
Andrea Geyer
To Those Who Have Eyes to See
Feb 09, 2017–Aug 15, 2017
Artwork image, Andrea Geyer, Research Sketch (Grace Morley / The Ladder), Titletitle llama
Floor 3
Bureau Spectacular
Feb 11, 2017–Aug 13, 2017
Artwork image, Jimenez Lai, insideoutsidebetweenbeyond​
Floor 3
Larry Sultan
Here and Home
Apr 15, 2017–July 23, 2017
Artwork image, LarrySultan, Canal District San Rafael
Mar 11, 2017–May 29, 2017
A mother an daughter look at a painting of a seated woman while a man and woman look at a blue still life on an adjacent wall
Floor 6
Tomás Saraceno
Stillness in Motion
Dec 17, 2016–May 21, 2017
Exhibition installation view, ​Tomás Saraceno: Stillness in Motion—Cloud Cities​, 2017
Floor 2
Paul Klee at Play
Nov 05, 2016–May 14, 2017
Artwork image, Paul Klee
Floor 2
Drawings from the Collection
1980 to Today
Feb 11, 2017–May 14, 2017
Artwork detail, Tiffany Chung, San Francisco, 1907 USGS map
Floor 3
diane arbus
in the beginning
Jan 21, 2017–Apr 30, 2017
Three visitors looked at small black and white photographs in the diane arbus exhibition
Floor 7
A Slow Succession with Many Interruptions
Dec 10, 2016–Apr 02, 2017
Artwork image, Doris Salcedo, Plegaria Muda (Silent Prayer)
Floor 7
Runa Islam
Dec 10, 2016–Apr 02, 2017
SFMOMA install image, Runa Islam, Cabinet of Prototypes
Floor 7
William Kentridge
The Refusal of Time
Dec 10, 2016–Apr 02, 2017
Video still, William Kentridge, The Refusal of Time
Floor 3
Japanese Photography from Postwar to Now
Oct 15, 2016–Mar 12, 2017
Artwork image, ​Lieko Shiga, Tomlinson FC
Floor 2
The Campaign for Art
Drawings, Part II
Sept 24, 2016–Jan 29, 2017
Artwork image, ​ Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Black and Cream Butterfly)
Oct 29, 2016–Jan 22, 2017
Black and white sunburst
Floor 4
New Work
Sohei Nishino
Nov 04, 2016–Jan 22, 2017
Artwork image, Sohei Nishino, London
Model Behavior
Snøhetta's First Concepts for SFMOMA
May 14, 2016–Jan 16, 2017
Installation view, Model Behavior
Floor 2
Art of Northern California
Three Views
May 14, 2016–Jan 08, 2017
Installation view, Art of northern California
Floor 2, Koret Education Center
Remezcla Gráfica / Graphic Remix
Sept 16, 2016–Jan 08, 2017
Artwork image, Enrique Chago, 1942 - Lo Que La Apropiación Me Ha Dado­ 1992
Claudy Jongstra
May 14, 2016–Dec 04, 2016
Installation view, Claudy Jongstra Aarde
Floor 7
Film as Place
May 14, 2016–Oct 30, 2016
Installation view, Julia Scher PE3
Floor 6
Typeface to Interface
Graphic Design from the Collection
May 14, 2016–Oct 23, 2016
A chalkboard drawing of a vintage Mac computer with the word "hello." written on the screen.
New Work
Leonor Antunes
May 14, 2016–Oct 02, 2016
Installation view, Leonor Antunes
About Time
Photography in a Moment of Change
May 14, 2016–Sept 25, 2016
Artwork image, Dawoud Bey's Betty Selvage and Faith Speights, from The Birmingham Project, 2012
The Campaign for Art
Modern and Contemporary
May 14, 2016–Sept 18, 2016
Installation view, Campaign for Art Modern and Contemporary
Paul Klee in Color
May 14, 2016–Sept 11, 2016
Installation view, Paul Klee in color
Floor 3
California and the West
Photography from the Campaign for Art
May 14, 2016–Sept 05, 2016
Artwork image, Michael Jang's Golden Gate Bridge Fiftieth Anniversary
Floor 2, Koret Education Center
Learning to Love You More
May 14, 2016–Aug 21, 2016
Artwork image, Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July's Learning to Love You More
At the Fort Mason Center for Arts + Culture, Gallery 308
Janet Cardiff
The Forty Part Motet
Nov 14, 2015–Jan 18, 2016
The Forty Part Motet installed at Fort Mason Center
Portraits and Other Likenesses from SFMOMA
May 08, 2015–Oct 11, 2015
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, painted portrait of man looking down
Photography in Mexico
Selected Works from the Collections of SFMOMA
Apr 16, 2015–June 14, 2015
black and white image of mexican wrestler
Doug Hall
The Terrible Uncertainty of the Thing Described
Mar 28, 2015–June 06, 2015
installation view of doug hall sculpture with blue electrical cords
California Museum of Photography at UCR ARTSblock
The Provoke Era
Japanese Photography from the Collection of SFMOMA
Feb 28, 2015–May 16, 2015
Daido Moriyama's Hiratsuka
Fertile Ground
Art and Community in California
Sept 20, 2014–Apr 12, 2015
Diego Rivera's The Flower Carrier, 1935
Crocker Art Museum
The Provoke Era
Japanese Photography from the Collection of SFMOMA
Oct 01, 2014–Feb 01, 2015
Daido Moriyama, Hiratsuka
Garry Winogrand
Mar 09, 2013–Jan 25, 2015
Garry Winograd, photograph of woman walking across street
CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
New Work
Markus Schinwald
Sept 09, 2014–Dec 13, 2014
Artwork image, Lavinia
June 20, 2014–Sept 14, 2014
Yasumasa Morimura, Portrait
Matisse from SFMOMA
Nov 09, 2013–Sept 07, 2014
Matisse, Girl with Green Eyes
Public Intimacy
Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa
Feb 21, 2014–June 29, 2014
colorful balloons and legs in pink stockings walking down dirt path
Lebbeus Woods, Architect
Feb 16, 2013–June 15, 2014
Lebbeus Woods, Quake City
Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field
May 22, 2013–May 26, 2014
Mark di Suvero, red metal sculpture on field in front of golden gate bridge
Flesh and Metal
Body and Machine in Early 20th Century Art
Nov 13, 2013–Mar 16, 2014
Leger, Two Women on a Blue Background
Project Los Altos
SFMOMA in Silicon Valley
Nov 09, 2013–Mar 02, 2014
2012 SECA Art Award
Zarouhie Abdalian, Josh Faught, Jonn Herschend, David Wilson
Sept 14, 2013–Nov 17, 2013
Beyond Belief
100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art
June 28, 2013–Oct 27, 2013
Teresita Fernandez, yarn sculpture with white yellow and red patterns
Jay DeFeo
A Retrospective
Nov 03, 2012–June 09, 2013
Jay DeFeo, white rose on black
Don't Be Shy, Don't Hold Back
The Logan Collection at SFMOMA
Dec 08, 2012–June 02, 2013
Damien Hirst, Philip (The Twelve Disciples)
The Elise S. Haas Bequest
Modern Art from Matisse to Marini
Mar 23, 2013–June 02, 2013
Picasso Head in Three-Quarter View
New Work
Trisha Donnelly
Mar 09, 2013–June 02, 2013
Trisha Donnelly, Untitled
Lynn Hershman Leeson
The Agent Ruby Files
Mar 30, 2013–June 02, 2013
Agent Ruby, glowing woman's face overlayed computer screen
Christian Marclay
The Clock
Apr 06, 2013–June 02, 2013
close-up of finger pushing sleeve back to chekc watch
Ben Kinmont
Sept 01, 2012–May 12, 2013
Ben Kinmont, three chefs in front of restaurant
Paul Klee's Circus
Oct 13, 2012–Mar 10, 2013
South Africa in Apartheid and After
David Goldblatt, Ernest Cole, Billy Monk
Dec 01, 2012–Mar 05, 2013
David Goldblatt, image of black and white man meeting at table
New Work
Alessandro Pessoli
Sept 28, 2012–Feb 18, 2013
Alessandro Pessoli, Crodino e Aperol
Jasper Johns
Seeing with the Mind's Eye
Nov 03, 2012–Feb 03, 2013
Jasper Johns, Highway
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Frequency and Volume
Nov 03, 2012–Feb 03, 2013
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Frequency and Volume installation shot
Field Conditions
Sept 01, 2012–Jan 06, 2013
Lebbeus Wood, white lightning shapes on black background
Six Lines of Flight
Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art
Sept 15, 2012–Dec 31, 2012
Dinh W. L, video still of crowd waving Vietnamese flag
Naoya Hatakeyama
Natural Stories
July 28, 2012–Nov 04, 2012
A color photograph of a hill, Hatakeyama
Jim Campbell
Exploded Views
Nov 05, 2011–Oct 23, 2012
Jim Campbell white lights on dark background
Rineke Dijkstra
A Retrospective
Feb 18, 2012–Oct 08, 2012
Stage Presence
Theatricality in Art and Media
July 14, 2012–Oct 08, 2012
Geoffrey Farmer, wood and metal figure cut outs
New Work
Katharina Wulff
Apr 13, 2012–Sept 09, 2012
Katharina Wulff, Untitled
Jan 15, 2012–Aug 12, 2012
Contemporary Painting, 1960 to the Present
Selections from the SFMOMA Collection
May 18, 2012–Aug 12, 2012
Brice Marden, Cold Mountain
The Utopian Impulse
Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area
Mar 31, 2012–July 29, 2012
Buckminster Fuller print
Weirded Out
Mar 31, 2012–July 29, 2012
Parra, black graphic figures and letters on white background
Photography in Mexico
Selected Works from the Collections of SFMOMA and Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser
Mar 10, 2012–July 08, 2012
Lourdes Grobet, photo of Mexican wrestler
Mark Bradford
Feb 18, 2012–June 17, 2012
Mark Bradford, mixed media abstract cityscape
Descriptive Acts
Feb 18, 2012–June 17, 2012
Tris Vonna-Michell video installation
Francesca Woodman
Nov 05, 2011–June 13, 2012
Woodman; photo of woman in polka dot dress leaning against decrepit wall
The Steins Collect
Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Garde
May 21, 2011–June 03, 2012
Matisse, Woman with a Hat
William Kentridge
Five Themes
Mar 14, 2009–May 27, 2012
Kentridge, gray sphere on two large leg structures in city
New Work
Richard Aldrich
Nov 18, 2011–Apr 03, 2012
Richard Aldrich, Untitled
2010 SECA Art Award
Mauricio Ancalmo, Colter Jacobsen, Ruth Laskey, Kamau Patton
Dec 09, 2011–Apr 03, 2012
diptych with two moons on paper
Fifty Years of Bay Area Art
The SECA Awards
Dec 09, 2011–Apr 03, 2012
Rigo 98, aerial perspectival view of San Francisco
The Air We Breathe
Nov 05, 2011–Feb 20, 2012
Pettibon painting with two hearts
Face of Our Time
Jim Goldberg, Daniel Schwartz, Zanele Muholi, Jacob Aue Sobol, Richard Misrach
July 02, 2011–Feb 05, 2012
photo of young girl making fire on muddy ground
Sharon Lockhart
Lunch Break
Oct 15, 2011–Jan 16, 2012
Sharon Lockhart, video still, two men sitting on bench in industrial room
Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera since 1870
May 28, 2010–Jan 08, 2012
Images in Dialogue
Paul Klee and Andrew Schoultz
Aug 13, 2011–Jan 08, 2012
Paul Klee, drawing of figure on horse with blue watercolor background
The More Things Change
Nov 20, 2010–Nov 06, 2011
photograph of pots and vases on table
Bill Fontana
Sonic Shadows
Nov 20, 2010–Nov 06, 2011
A white perforated wall, Fontana Soundtracks
New Work
Tiago Carneiro da Cunha and Klara Kristalova
July 08, 2011–Oct 30, 2011
Klara Kristalova, Hole
Art in the Atrium
Kerry James Marshall
Feb 26, 2009–Oct 11, 2011
Kerry James Marshall, drawing of large grassy estate
David Claerbout
Architecture of Narrative
May 21, 2011–Sept 06, 2011
David Claerbout, video still of man leaning againstpillar
Feb 25, 2011–July 24, 2011
Tauba Auerbach, Alphabetized Bible book cover
Tobias Wong
Feb 25, 2011–July 24, 2011
Tobias Wong, black duvet
New Work
Anna Parkina
Feb 25, 2011–June 19, 2011
Anna Parkina, The freezed fingers were not unbend
How Wine Became Modern
Design + Wine 1976 to Now
Nov 20, 2010–Apr 17, 2011
Etienne Meneau wine carafe
Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Modern Century
Oct 30, 2010–Jan 30, 2011
Cartier-Bresson photo of girl and door
75 Years of Looking Forward
The Anniversary Show
Dec 19, 2009–Jan 16, 2011
leslie shows, abstract painting with dark and colorful explosion
New Work
R. H. Quaytman
Oct 22, 2010–Jan 16, 2011
R.H. Quaytman, silkscreen of isolated road
New Topographics
Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape
July 17, 2010–Oct 03, 2010
Robert Adams, photo of trailer in front of house
New Work
Mika Rottenberg
July 07, 2010–Oct 03, 2010
Still: Mike Rottenberg, Squeeze
Paul Klee
Three Exhibitions from the Djerassi Collection
Mar 06, 2010–Aug 01, 2010
Paul Klee, Red House
75 Years of Looking Forward
Dispatches from the Archives
Nov 07, 2009–July 06, 2010
20th century design poster
The View from Here
Jan 16, 2010–June 27, 2010
Larry Sultan, photograph of mother standing up and father watching tv
Long Play
Bruce Conner and the Singles Collection
Jan 16, 2010–May 23, 2010
Bruce Conner, video still of shite orb emitting dashed lines of light
75 Years of Looking Forward
Focus on Artists
Jan 16, 2010–May 23, 2010
clyfford still, red abstract painting
Take your Time
Olafur Eliasson
Sept 08, 2007–Apr 11, 2010
Eliasson, installation hallway lined with purple glass structures
Between Art and Life
The Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Collection
May 10, 2009–Jan 03, 2010
Robert Rauschenberg, painting and collage
Rooftop Garden Inaugural Exhibition
May 10, 2009–Dec 31, 2009
Louise Bourgeois nest sculpture
On View
Candice Breitz
Oct 01, 2009–Dec 20, 2009
composite image of three people singing
Photography Now
China, Japan, Korea
Sept 12, 2009–Dec 20, 2009
The Provoke Era
Postwar Japanese Photography
Sept 12, 2009–Dec 20, 2009
Richard Avedon Photographs 1946 - 2004
July 11, 2009–Nov 29, 2009
Richard Avedon self portrait
Bodies and Design
Aug 07, 2009–Nov 08, 2009
Andrew Kudless white sculpture
Paul Klee
Social Creatures
Mar 07, 2009–Nov 08, 2009
Paul Klee, etching of a clown
Not New Work
Vincent Fecteau Selects from the Collection
July 25, 2009–Nov 08, 2009
Christopher Wilmarth, two wooden cylinders connected by piece of glass
The Studio Sessions
July 03, 2009–Sept 13, 2009
Jankowski, video still of card dealer in front of green background with text
Patterns of Speculation
Feb 06, 2009–July 07, 2009
Mayer H, drawing and architectural building corner
Selections from the SFMOMA Collection
Feb 06, 2009–July 07, 2009
Ruff, red curtain in building with white pole
New Work
Ranjani Shettar
Mar 21, 2009–July 07, 2009
Shettar, installation shot of abstract hanging sculptures
Otl Aicher
München 1972
Feb 06, 2009–July 07, 2009
Aicher, munich 1972 olympics poster
Brought to Light
Photography and the Invisible, 1840-1900
Oct 11, 2008–May 24, 2009
direct electric spark
2008 SECA Art Award
Tauba Auerbach, Desirée Holman, Jordan Kantor, Trevor...
Feb 12, 2009–May 10, 2009
Auerbach, rainbow dots
Face of Our Time
Four Shows - Yto Barrada, Guy Tillim, Judith Joy Ross, Leo Rubinfien
Jan 31, 2009–Apr 26, 2009
Rubinfien, photo of concerned girl on top of empire state building
Paul Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook
Sept 27, 2008–Mar 01, 2009
Klee, drawing of woman wearing crown
New Work
Mai-Thu Perret
Nov 21, 2008–Mar 01, 2009
Mai-Thu Perret, Sylvania, 2006; collection of the artist; Mai-Thu Perret; photo: Stefan Rohner
The Art of Participation
1950 to Now
Nov 08, 2008–Feb 08, 2009
five people standing around circle of microphones
Martin Puryear
Nov 08, 2008–Jan 25, 2009
Puryear, installation shot of wooden sculpture
Contemporary Art from the Collection
Oct 25, 2008–Jan 19, 2009
water bottles filled with blue liquid hanging from wire
Double Down
Two Visions of Vegas
Sept 18, 2008–Jan 04, 2009
aerial photograph of las vegas hotel
246 and Counting
Recent Architecture + Design Acquisitions
July 10, 2008–Jan 04, 2009
246 and counting installation view
New Work
Zilvinas Kempinas, Alyson Shotz, Mary Temple
Aug 01, 2008–Nov 04, 2008
Mary Temple, shadow of branches and flowers on white walls and hardwood floor
A Rooftop Garden for SFMOMA
Apr 03, 2008–Oct 26, 2008
rendering of museum space with projected image on wall and two people standing in front
Half-Life of a Dream
Contemporary Chinese Art from the Logan Collection
July 10, 2008–Oct 05, 2008
painting of chubby boy in bathing suit leaning on car
Room for Thought
Alexander Hahn and Yves Netzhammer
July 10, 2008–Oct 05, 2008
Netzhammer, sketch of animated video with two figures sitting on log
Floor 4
Frida Kahlo
June 14, 2008–Sept 28, 2008
New Work
Paul Sietsema
Mar 28, 2008–June 22, 2008
Artwork image, Paul Sietsema; The Famous Last Words
Gabriele Basilico
From San Francisco to Silicon Valley
Jan 26, 2008–June 15, 2008
moving cars on highway under bay bridge sign
Revealing the Section
Feb 08, 2008–June 08, 2008
side view of white paneled building split in half
In Collaboration
Early Works from the Media Arts Collection
Mar 22, 2008–June 08, 2008
layered images of face with snake around neck
Feb 23, 2008–May 18, 2008
shadow of man's head on back of woman wearing fur coat
An-My Lê
Small Wars
Jan 26, 2008–May 04, 2008
image of explosion in woods
Abstract Rhythms
Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart
Sept 15, 2007–Apr 13, 2008
Klee, illustrated print on grid of yellow rectangles
New Work 10 Lucy McKenzie
Nov 09, 2007–Feb 24, 2008
Artwork image: Lucy McKenzie, After G. Hobe, Salon Library for the Great Exhibition, 1902, Turin
Douglas Gordon
Pretty Much Every Film and Video Work from about 1992 until Now
Oct 27, 2007–Feb 24, 2008
Gordon, installation shot of 22 films on monitors
Jeff Wall
Oct 27, 2007–Jan 27, 2008
Jeff Wall; man sitting in front of brick wall holding spilling beverage
Your tempo
Olafur Eliasson
Sept 08, 2007–Jan 13, 2008
Eliasson, installation shot of BMW sculpture
Shomei Tomatsu
Skin of the Nation
May 13, 2006–Oct 15, 2007
Project, Transform, Erase
Anthony McCall and Imi Knoebel
June 09, 2007–Sept 30, 2007
McCall, silhouette of man in front of projector
New Work
Felix Schramm
June 29, 2007–Sept 30, 2007
Schramm, installation shot of large house sculpture
Martin Munkacsi
Think While You Shoot!
May 12, 2007–Sept 16, 2007
Munkacsi, image of person dancing and leaping in mid air
California College of the Arts at 100
Innovation by Design
Mar 23, 2007–Aug 26, 2007
two printed books standing upright
A Hidden Picasso
Feb 23, 2007–July 31, 2007
man standing and gesturing in front of painting
The Art of Richard Tuttle
July 02, 2005–June 25, 2007
red fabric with white loop design
Brice Marden
A Retrospective of Paintings and Drawings
Feb 23, 2007–May 13, 2007
Marden, red yellow and blue abstract organic lines on purple background
New Work
Sylvie Blocher
Feb 23, 2007–May 13, 2007
Blocher, image of man crying
Henry Wessel
Jan 27, 2007–Apr 22, 2007
Wessel, woman in telephone booth on side of road in Oklahoma
2006 SECA Art Award
Sarah Cain, Kota Ezawa, Amy Franceschini, Mitzi Pederson...
Jan 27, 2007–Apr 22, 2007
Ezawa, video still of six people gathered together in front of mountainscape
Paul Klee
Innocence and Insanity
Oct 14, 2006–Apr 01, 2007
Klee, print of abstract staggering figure
Alexander Girard
Vibrant Modern
Oct 14, 2006–Feb 25, 2007
Girard, red blue and purple striped chair
Charged Space
Jane and Louise Wilson / Fikret Atay
Oct 20, 2006–Jan 21, 2007
image of legs and feet hanging above carpet
Anselm Kiefer
Heaven and Earth
Oct 20, 2006–Jan 21, 2007
Kiefer, lead sclpture book on pedestal with wings
New Work
Phil Collins
Sept 16, 2006–Jan 21, 2007
Phil Collins, close up of man's face looking down
Imposing Order
Contemporary Photography and the Archive
Sept 02, 2006–Jan 02, 2007
Nigel Poor, grid of thiry black and whiteimages of single objects
Mexico as Muse
Tina Modotti and Edward Weston
Sept 02, 2006–Jan 02, 2007
Left: group of people in hats walking from behind; Right: black and white photograph of man
Chuck Close
Self-Portraits 1967-2005
Nov 19, 2005–Oct 22, 2006
photo and painting chuck close self potrait
Diane Arbus Revelations
Oct 25, 2003–Oct 08, 2006
older woman in veil and fur collar
Matthew Barney
June 23, 2006–Sept 17, 2006
Matthew Barney, film still of man and woman facing each other holding knives
New Work 6
Tim Gardner, Marcelino Gonçalves, Zak Smith
Apr 21, 2006–Sept 05, 2006
portrait of shirtless man with mustache and long hair in bathroom
Robert Bechtle
A Retrospective
Feb 12, 2005–June 04, 2006
Bechtle, family in front of car
Double Feature
Steve McQueen and Peter Sarkisian
Nov 10, 2005–May 21, 2006
cube with abstract projected images with dark background
Beyond Real
Surrealist Photography and Sculpture from Bay Area Collections
Mar 23, 2006–May 21, 2006
close up woman's eyes with five tear drops
The Surreal Calder
Mar 03, 2006–May 21, 2006
Calder, man holding tool working in studio
Richard Long
The Path Is the Place Is the Line
Jan 21, 2006–Apr 30, 2006
rocky and grassy hillside
New Work
Wangechi Mutu
Dec 16, 2005–Apr 02, 2006
painted figure hanging on branch with birds
Todd Eberle
Architectural Abstractions
Dec 16, 2005–Mar 07, 2006
black and green rectangular grid
Kiki Smith
A Gathering, 1980-2005
Nov 19, 2005–Jan 29, 2006
Kiki Smith; installation shot sculpture of girl kneeling with white wall and gold stars in back
Robert Adams
Turning Back, A Photographic Journal of Re-Exploration
Sept 29, 2005–Jan 03, 2006
landscape with thin tree stump and tree in background
New Work
Edgar Arceneaux
Aug 12, 2005–Nov 27, 2005
installation shot projected image of sky onto wall
2x4/design series 3
May 13, 2005–Nov 27, 2005
chair in front of orange wall covered in white circles and comma shapes
Jeremy Blake
Feb 19, 2005–Oct 10, 2005
Blurred colorful film still of buildings
Taking Place
Photographs from the Prentice and Paul Sack Collection
June 02, 2005–Sept 06, 2005
three large city windows covered with image of woman's eye; two women walking by windows in corner
New Work
Marilyn Minter
Apr 01, 2005–July 24, 2005
corner of eye covered in red makeup
New Work
Rachel Harrison
Nov 12, 2004–June 13, 2005
green sculpture with blonde wig in front of windows
2004 SECA Art Award
2004 SECA Art Award: Rosana Castrillo Díaz, Simon Evans, Shaun O’Dell, Josephine Taylor.
Jan 22, 2005–May 15, 2005
Sean O'Dell drawing with geometric shapes and bird
John Szarkowski
Feb 05, 2005–May 15, 2005
country road and farm house
Belles Lettres
The Art of Typography
Oct 30, 2004–Apr 17, 2005
black and red typography
Roy Lichtenstein
About Art
Oct 23, 2004–Feb 22, 2005
Lichtenstein, m-maybe girl
Fashion, Industrial Design, Architecture
Oct 09, 2004–Jan 17, 2005
dress stairwell and car
William Eggleston
Los Alamos context show
Aug 21, 2004–Jan 04, 2005
Egglesotn, young boy and shopping carts in parking lot
New Work
Evan Holloway and Dave Muller
July 01, 2004–Oct 24, 2004
abstract sculpture corner of room
Pop! From San Francisco Collections
Mar 06, 2004–Sept 19, 2004
Warhol, six self portraits
Stir Heart, Rinse Heart/ Pipilotti Rist
Mar 06, 2004–Sept 12, 2004
woman topless in pool with fire
Larry Sultan
The Valley
May 08, 2004–Aug 01, 2004
woman with four dogs by pool
Art of the 1990s from the Logan Collection
Dec 13, 2003–May 23, 2004
Murakami, three spheres with facial features
The Art of Romare Bearden
Feb 07, 2004–May 16, 2004
Pirkle Jones and the Changing California Landscape
Dec 20, 2003–Apr 18, 2004
two men in cowbow hats on farm with house in back
Dreaming in Pictures
The Photography of Lewis Carroll
Aug 03, 2002–Jan 11, 2004
Lewis Carroll, girl sleeping on couch
Primary Matters
The Minimalist Sensibility, 1959 to the Present
Nov 08, 2003–Jan 11, 2004
eight metal strips on wood floor
Marc Chagall
July 26, 2003–Nov 04, 2003
bride and goat with tree in background
2002 SECA Art Award
John Bankston, Andrea Higgins, Chris Johanson, Will Rogan
Mar 20, 2003–Aug 10, 2003
purple and blue geometric strip pattern
Treasures of Modern Art
The Legacy of Phyllis Wattis at SFMOMA
Jan 30, 2003–June 24, 2003
Warhol woman smiling with red lips
No Ghost Just A Shell
Dec 14, 2002–Mar 23, 2003
animated girl holding picture of sad girl
Eva Hesse
Feb 02, 2002–Mar 09, 2003
Hesse, grid of yellow rectangles
Ellsworth Kelly in San Francisco
July 13, 2002–Jan 05, 2003
Ellsworth Kelly, scattered black and colored squares
Perfect Acts of Architecture
Mar 02, 2002–June 18, 2002
Zenghelis, arial view of bridge and city
Points of Departure II
Connecting with Contemporary Art
Nov 17, 2001–June 09, 2002
Kiefer, steps from below
Ansel Adams at 100
Aug 04, 2001–Jan 13, 2002
Ansel Adams with camer on mountain
Stranger Passing
Collected Portraits by Joel Sternfeld
July 06, 2001–Oct 02, 2001
Sternfeld, young woman and man at prom
Art in Technological Times.
Mar 03, 2001–July 08, 2001
blake, rendering of patterned wallpaper and door
2000 SECA Art Award
Rachael Neubauer and Kathryn Van Dyke
Feb 02, 2001–June 12, 2001
small circle and rectangular mirrors on wall
Daido Moriyama
Stray Dog
May 14, 1999–Apr 30, 2001
Black and white photograph of a stray dog, Daido Moriyama
Celebrating Modern Art
The Anderson Collection
Oct 07, 2000–Feb 04, 2001
hockney pool and diving board
Robert Gober
Sculpture + Drawing
June 09, 2000–Sept 05, 2000
half of leg and shoe in white room
Of the Moment
Contemporary Art from the Permanent Collection
June 30, 2000–Aug 29, 2000
zittel trailer
Jasper Johns
New Paintings and Works on Paper
Sept 16, 1999–Aug 13, 2000
New Work
Kerry James Marshall: Mementos
Jan 22, 1999–July 30, 2000
Kerry James Marshall Souvenir I mixed media painting
Sol LeWitt
A Retrospective
Feb 19, 2000–May 30, 2000
lewitt rainbow semicircles in black grid
Carleton Watkins
The Art of Perception
May 28, 1999–Apr 30, 2000
Carleton Watkins, photographic print train track and cliff
William Gedney
duplicate of Short Distances and Definite Places
Jan 21, 2000–Mar 31, 2000
William Gedney, man on bed with three framed photos in back
New Work
Painting Today, Recent Acquisitions
Dec 17, 1999–Mar 28, 2000
Tyson, abstract figure with red background
Inside Out
New Chinese Art
Feb 26, 1999–Mar 07, 2000
Zhang Xiaogang  Bloodline The Big Family No 2
Far Out
Bay Area Design, 1967--1973
Nov 12, 1999–Feb 20, 2000
Wes WIlson Jefferson Airplane poster
Seeing Time
Selections from the Pamela and Richard Kramlich Collection of Media Art
Oct 15, 1999–Jan 09, 2000
Mariko Mori  video still of woman with blonde hair
Degas to Picasso
Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera
Oct 02, 1999–Jan 02, 2000
photo of Olivier, Picasso, and Rentevs in Paris
Bill Viola
June 25, 1999–Sept 12, 1999
Bill Viola water splashing video and sound installation
New Work
Unland/Doris Salcedo
Feb 18, 1999–Apr 27, 1999
Doris Salcedo Unland installation
Looking at Ourselves
Works by Women Artists from the Logan Collection
Jan 09, 1999–Apr 20, 1999
Shonagh Adelman, Exquisit Corpse Shonagh Adelman, Exquisite Corpse , collaged image of two women
New Work
Julia Scher: Predictive Engineering
Oct 23, 1998–Jan 12, 1999
Video stills from Julia Scher's Predictive Engineering2
A Portrait of Our Times
An Introduction to the Logan Collection
Sept 29, 1998–Jan 10, 1999
Gerhard Richter, Tourist Office
the Photography of Everyday Life
May 22, 1998–Sept 08, 1998
black and white image of dog
Keith Haring
May 08, 1998–Sept 08, 1998
Haring red barking dog
Art from Around the Bay
Recent Acquisitions
Apr 16, 1998–July 28, 1998
thibaud landscape painting of farmland
Sargent Johnson
African-American Modernist
Mar 13, 1998–July 07, 1998
Steve McQueen
Four Projected Images
Feb 27, 1998–May 12, 1998
steve mcqueen film still of men dancing
New Work
Steven Pippin — Laundromat-Locomotion
Feb 13, 1998–May 05, 1998
steven pippin black and white photograph woman running
Feb 06, 1998–Apr 28, 1998
kuth/ranieri, architecture installation
Constructed Landscapes
Projects by Zaha Hadid
Dec 19, 1997–Mar 10, 1998
zaha hadid perspective view
Present Tense
Nine Artists in the Nineties (New Work series)
Sept 13, 1997–Jan 31, 1998
jim hodges no betweens
New Work
Oct 10, 1997–Jan 27, 1998
red and black counter line number 2
New Work
Paul Kos: Chartres Bleu
Nov 05, 1987–Jan 10, 1998
Magnets of Meaning
Apr 18, 1997–Aug 05, 1997
black and white icon gif
Centering the Civic
The 1996 San Francisco Prize
Mar 14, 1997–July 16, 1997
black and white circles and geometric shapes
New Work
Drawings Today
Jan 17, 1997–June 03, 1997
A room with a variety of drawings
New Work
Kara Walker: Upon My Many Masters--An Outline
Feb 14, 1997–May 13, 1997
Kara Walker New Work
Glenn Ligon
New Work
May 23, 1996–Aug 25, 1996
Glenn Ligon New Work
Richard Hamilton
New Work
Feb 22, 1996–May 05, 1996
Andrea Zittel
New Work (A-Z Travel Trailer Units)
Nov 09, 1995–Feb 04, 1996
Andrea Zittel New Work
New Work
David Hammons
Mar 03, 1994–May 15, 1994
New Work
Photographs by Judith Joy Ross
Sept 16, 1993–Nov 28, 1993
New Work Judith Joy Ross
New Work
Richard Prince
Apr 29, 1993–July 25, 1993
Three photographic portraits of women hung on a gallery wall
New Work
On Kawara: Date Paintings in 89 Cities
Feb 25, 1993–Apr 11, 1993
A row of small black blocks featuring white lettering hanging in a gallery
New Work
Lawrence Weiner
Feb 20, 1992–Apr 19, 1992
New Work
Matthew Barney
Dec 12, 1991–Jan 30, 1992
Matthew Barney New Work
New Work: Robert Bechtle
Robert Bechtle
Sept 10, 1991–Dec 01, 1991
Robert Bechtle New Work
New Work
Martin Kippenberger
June 13, 1991–Aug 25, 1991
New Work
Susana Solano
May 23, 1991–July 14, 1991
A large, rusted metallic sculpture in a gallery
New Work
Sherrie Levine
Jan 17, 1991–Mar 10, 1991
five billiards tables standing in a row with two white balls and one red ball placed in the same position on each
New Work
Dawn Fryling
Sept 19, 1990–Nov 04, 1990
Two lamps in the foreground with a row of white canvases with black frames in the background
New Work
Georg Herold
May 03, 1990–June 24, 1990
Georg Herold New Work
New Work
A New Generation
Feb 22, 1990–Apr 22, 1990
White, sink-like porcelain sculptures hang on a wall next to a large painting featuring a textured blue block and a black border around half.
New Work
Moira Dryer
Dec 21, 1989–Feb 11, 1990
Moira Dryer New Work
New Work
Rick Arnitz
Oct 12, 1989–Dec 10, 1989
Rick Arnitz New Work
New Work
Christopher Wool
July 06, 1989–Sept 03, 1989
Black and white painting featuring a vine-like pattern and letters
New Work
Günther Förg
May 04, 1989–June 25, 1989
New Work
Sabina Ott
Feb 07, 1989–Mar 26, 1989
Sabina Ott New Work
New Work
Don Van Vliet
Nov 30, 1988–Jan 29, 1989
Don Van Vliet New Work
New Work
Elizabeth Murray
Sept 14, 1988–Nov 13, 1988
Elizabeth Murray sculpture
New Work
Jill Giegerich
June 23, 1988–Aug 21, 1988
Jill Giegerich New Work
New Work
Ross Bleckner
Apr 13, 1988–June 12, 1988
Ross Bleckner painting of dark sky with stars
New Work
Robert Ryman
Jan 14, 1988–Mar 13, 1988
84th Annual Exhibition of the San Francisco Art Institute
Aug 13, 1965–Sept 12, 1965
The Arts of San Francisco
June 14, 1962–July 15, 1962
Current Exhibitions Upcoming Exhibitions